Dreamland - the home for children,
where dreams come true

Every child has a future

Every child has a basic right to education, health and nutrition, recreation and a protective environment. Unfortunately, there are many children around us who are deprived of these basic rights. When Suryakant and Manik Kulkarni saw the helpless, destitute children around them, it struck the chord within them. There was and is a need of greater concious efforts to provide these children a better future.
Since the last 24 years, Dreamland strives to provide institutional care to orphaned and destitute children. In 1980, the organisation started as a destitute home in Kerwadi in the district of Pharbani, right in the heart of India. The main thrust is to ensure overall development of the children who are deprived of normal childhood rights.

The concept

Dreamland is the concept for well being of the children. It is a comprehensive, creative space for destitute children coming from very poor or broken families. These children are provided with residential facilities to persue their future with dignity and confidence, with hope and passion for life.

Children focused activities

Since inception the number of children (all boys) who stay at Dreamland is about to 60

- The children are in the age group between 2 and 20

- These children attend the public school in Kerwadi, the nearest village, and receive special attention and coaching in Dreamland

- Dreamland has a spacious campus and children have good recreational space as well as facilities such as a volleyball- and a cricketfield, tv, video and a library

- Focus is on learning by doing and use of extensive group and individual activities

- Use of play and recreation as therapies for personality development

- Since the last 13 years an extensive activity is started with a view to support educational and vocational training of passed out students from Dreamland

Financial support

Dreamland receives financial support from the Directorate of Women and Child Welfare, Department of Social Welfare, Government of Maharashtra. Major support comes from public donations.

YOU can change their lives

The work of Dreamland is strengthened through support of well-wishers. There are many ways by which you can also join hands with us and become a member of the Dreamland family.

- Daily expenses of all children at Dreamland are approximately upto Rs. 1000/- (30 Swiss Francs, 20 Euro). On any day of your choice, for example someone's birthday, you could donate Rs. 1000/- as your contribution.

- You can also make a one-time donation of Rs. 10'000/- (300 Swiss Francs, 200 Euro). The amount will be deposited in a bank and the interest (which is very high in India) will be utilised to meet one day's expenses. A receipt will be issued every year for the interest used.

- One glass of milk for all children per day costs Rs. 150/- (4.5 Swiss Francs, 3 Euro). The monthly expenses of milk are Rs. 5000/- (150 Swiss Francs, 100 Euro). Once a year if you can contribute this amount, expenses on milk of the month can be easily met and these children can have a glass of milk every day.

- Smaller and greater donations are very welcome, too! You can also request for the purpose.

Account information

Receiver: Socio Economic Development Corporation

Account number: 01100050116

Number of the finance institute: SBHYINBBXXX

Address of the finance institute: State Bank of Hyderabad, Laxmi road branch, Pune 411030, India

Notice: purpose of your donation and HPS (for homepage Switzerland, so that we can see, if this homepage helps Dreamland, too)

For those who want to know more

Dreamland is only one small part of the activities of the Socio Economic Development Trust. If you want to learn more about their other activities, you can look at their homepage.